Kevin Scharp




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I teach most of my classes at The Ohio State University’s Marion Campus, but once a year, I teach a course on main campus.  Below is my contact information.



The Ohio State University Marion

1465 Mount Vernon Ave.

211c Morrow Hall

Marion, OH 43302



Teaching Experience




Graduate Seminar on David Lewis (Sp-2015)


Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar on Russell’s The History of Western Philosophy (Sp-2014).


Graduate Seminar on Metametaphysics and Fundamentality (Sp-2013).


Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar on Analyticity (Sp-2012).


Graduate Seminar on Methodological Naturalism (Sp-2011).


Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar on ‘Grue’, ‘Gavagai’, and ‘Quus’ (W-2010).


Graduate Seminar on Truth (Sp-2009).


Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit (Sp-2008).


Graduate Seminar on Rationality, Interpretation, and Measurement (Sp-2007).



Undergraduate Courses


Science and Religion (F-2013, F-2014)


Introduction to Ethics (W-2006, W-2007, W-2008, W-2009, W-2010, W-2011, W-2012, Sp-2013).


Minds and Machines (F-2006).


Introduction to Logic (Su-2002, Su-2003, Sp-2006, Sp-2008, Sp-2009, Sp-2011, Sp-2012).


Introduction to Philosophy (Su-2000, F-2005, F-2008, F-2009, F-2010, F-2011, F-2013, F-2014).


Epistemology (F-2004, F-2005).


Social and Political Philosophy (Su-2001).


Informal Logic (Su-2000, Su-2001).



Independent Studies


Rule Following Paradox (Sp-2011, F-2012).


Inferentialism (W-2011).


Theories of Truth (W-2011, Sp-2011).


Computational Theory of Mind (W-2009).


Nietzsche (W-2008).


Heidegger, Sartre, and Foucault on Agency (Su-2007).


Rationality and Meaning (Sp-2007).


Rigid Designation (Sp-2006).


Consciousness (W-2006).



Community Outreach


Science and Religion – OSU Learning Enrichment Institute (F-2014).