Kevin Scharp




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MLitt Module on Philosophy of Logic (S-2017, S-2018)

Graduate Seminar on Non-Factualism (with Robert Kraut) (F-2015)

Graduate Seminar on David Lewis (Sp-2015)

Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar on Russell’s The History of Western Philosophy (Sp-2014).

Graduate Seminar on Metametaphysics and Fundamentality (Sp-2013).

Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar on Analyticity (Sp-2012).

Graduate Seminar on Methodological Naturalism (Sp-2011).

Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar on ‘Grue’, ‘Gavagai’, and ‘Quus’ (W-2010).

Graduate Seminar on Truth (Sp-2009).

Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit (Sp-2008).

Graduate Seminar on Rationality, Interpretation, and Measurement (Sp-2007).


Undergraduate Courses


Honors Module on Advanced Logic (S-2018)

Subhonors Module on Logic (with Ephraim Glick) (F-2016)

Honors Module on Conceptual Engineering (with Patrick Greenough) (F-2016)

Science and Religion (F-2013, F-2014)

Introduction to Ethics (W-2006 through W-2012, Sp-2013 through Sp-2015).

Minds and Machines (F-2006).

Introduction to Logic (Su-2002, Su-2003, Sp-2006, Sp-2008, Sp-2009, Sp-2011, Sp-2012).

Introduction to Philosophy (Su-2000, F-2005, F-2008, F-2009, F-2010, F-2011, F-2013, F-2014).

Epistemology (F-2004, F-2005).

Social and Political Philosophy (Su-2001).

Informal Logic (Su-2000, Su-2001).


Independent Studies


Rule Following Paradox (Sp-2011, F-2012).

Inferentialism (W-2011).

Theories of Truth (W-2011, Sp-2011).

Computational Theory of Mind (W-2009).

Nietzsche (W-2008).

Heidegger, Sartre, and Foucault on Agency (Su-2007).

Rationality and Meaning (Sp-2007).

Rigid Designation (Sp-2006).

Consciousness (W-2006).


Community Courses


The History of Ethics and Morals – OSU Learning Enrichment Institute (S-2016).

Science and Religion – OSU Learning Enrichment Institute (F-2014).